Gist360 Surprise Birthday Goes to Stone

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Photo gotten from facebook, hope its the write person

Hello Wande Okeya, your wife Folusho Okeya, asked Gist360 to celebrate with you on this day, To send you a shout out using this medium, we wish you happy happy happy birthday, Folusho Okeya Okeya has a special message for you after the cut..

"On today your special day and forever I love you!"

Wande Okeya, If you are celebrating, you can Invite us using the comment box bellow, any of readers who is staying close may want to attend.

Gist360 friends , pls share the post and retweet it. wish him happy birthday on the comment box below

Is your friends birthday coming soon? Tell it to Gist360 now, we have surprise for for detail
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