It's true; Microsoft confirms automatic upgrades to Windows 10

It's true; Microsoft confirms automatic upgrades to Windows 10
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Here’s a guide on how pirates can finish their non-genuine Windows status by upgrading to Windows 10 and buying a license.

If you’re looking to give Microsoft a few feedback about Windows 10 Mobile, and the native apps that come with it, you should use the new Windows Feedback app. The Windows and Windows Phone UserVoice feedback sites that are now employed for this task will shut down after November 16th. Windows 7 overtook Windows XP way back in September 2012, and has never looked back, steadily increasing its share. Microsoft’s other operating systems have dropped ever so slightly: Windows 7 fell from 56.53 to 55.71, Windows XP from 12.21% to 11.68%, and Windows 8.1 from 10.72% to 10.68%.
What most non-genuine Windows users do is just upgrade to Windows 10 the usual way, using the update tool provided by Microsoft.

The firm said it will initially start offering Windows 10 as an “optional” update. During October, Windows 10’s share of all Windows devices climbed by 1.5 percentage points.
If the current trend continues, it will have surpassed both operating systems in less than four months to become the second most popular operating system.
Windows 10 will let non-genuine OS users to activate or upgrade to real copies. Moreover, what’s really exciting is that Microsoft is planning to incorporate Continuum feature in Redstone, which is pretty similar to OS X Continuity like features offered by Apple. First, it allows customers who are waiting to assess the state of the system after the first big update patch.
The updated Windows App Studio does not require Visual Studio for building new apps.
Another reason may be that customer’s don’t want to be burned by another Windows Vista / Windows 8 fiasco.
Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 has been available to the public since its release on July 29.
Before Windows 10’s debut, Windows 7 passed the 60 percent market share mark in June.
On the other hand, Microsoft has more control over the suggestions that are posted in the Windows Feedback app, and it can organize the ideas it received a lot more quickly. In addition, the update will allow users to make phone directly via their desktops, with the help of your Windows 10 Mobile device.

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