New iPhone 7 Rumors: Next Generation iPhone Will Use 6s Battery

iPhone 7 Rumors: Next Generation iPhone Will Use 6s Battery
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iPhone 7 Rumored Image
iPhone 7 Rumored Image

This week more rumors surface about Apple ’s next generation iPhone . The new high tech iPhone 7 , set for release in mid-2016, will not be getting better battery life. New reports squash previous rumors that the iPhone 7 would get extended battery life from previous models. According to, Apple plans to give the iPhone 7 the same battery and display used in the iPhone 6s . Reusing the same display and battery could cut costs for Apple and allow the company to spend money to develop better technology in other parts of the phone.

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The iPhone 7 is rumored to deliver a range of new tech. Projected specs includes an A10 system on a chip (SoC) that will sit at the heart of the smartphone and a super thin frame at 6mm thick.
The iPhone 7 might also have a 2K display, an Apple wireless charging puck, front-facing speakers, and an 8MP selfie camera in the front.
The iPhone 7 is also rumored to have a stronger non-metallic casting that will give the iPhone 7 a tough waterproof frame. Going waterproof may be a draw to clumsy iPhone users who have to steer clear of water and new users who previously stayed away from the pricey handsets for fear of damaging it.
The next generation iPhone may have a third version added to the 2016 lineup. According to Forbes , Apple may add a 4 inch mini to the iPhone 7 lineup. The smaller version of the iPhone 7 is expected to be an entry level model.

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