Will Apple's metal-built iPhone 7c arrive in 2016 with an A9 chip and 4in display?

Will Apple's metal-built iPhone 7c arrive in 2016 with an A9 chip and 4in display?
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Most fans of iPhone love the 'c' type of iPhone. There's been talk of Apple reviving the "C" category iPhone for some time now, well pretty much ever since the iPhone 5c launched and was then never followed up. However, according to new details Apple is planning a new iPhone "C", and iPhone 7c to be precise, and it's claimed that the device will arrive in 2016.
For whatever reason there is a consensus among A LOT of people that the iPhone 5c was an abject failure. But this is not true -- like AT ALL. Apple has apparently shifted around 24 million units of its plastic iPhone since launch. That is a lot of sales -- even by Apple’s usual standards -- and way more than HTC, Sony or LG shifted of their respective flagship devices in the same period. WAY more.

The iPhone 5c was also a super-mega-profit machine for Apple as well, as noted by Forbes: “While Apple did alter the iPhone 5 specifications with the 5C (the addition of LTE, improved battery life, and the removal of some camera features), the 5C is essentially the iPhone 5 of this product cycle. By reworking the design to use a polycarbonate case, and exploiting advances in fabrication, the 5C has a lower bill of materials than the iPhone 5. That means position two in Apple’s current portfolio is more profitable than it was before.”
Ordinarily we'd be suspicious of this sort of thing, but the word comes via none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, prominent analyst for KGI Securities. Prominent because of his unnerving accuracy with Apple products over the years. Yup, if you want a prediction about an upcoming Apple device that'll likely come true, Ming-Chi Kuo's your best bet.

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It's claimed that the iPhone 7c will not revive the plastic build of the old iPhone 5c, instead being built from metal like the rest of Apple's line-up. What it will revive, however, is the smaller 4in screen size, effectively being an iPhone Mini, of sorts. Kuo explained Apple's plans, which he has heard from his network of insiders within Asia's supply and production network, in a note to investors. He said that Apple will put the iPhone 7c into production in the first half of 2016 but indicated the handset would still arrive in Apple's usual Autumn release bracket alongside an iPhone 7 (and presumably iPhone 7 Plus).
Kuo says the iPhone 7c will be powered by Apple's current-gen A9 processor, which may mean it is slightly cheaper than the iPhone 7, which we can guess will use a new A10 by that point. It will also lack the 3D Touch display technology. While Kuo states that this could indicate the iPhone 7c as a "budget" iPhone, we'd remind readers that this was thought about the iPhone 5c too, and although it was technically the cheapest iPhone available, it was still...well...rather expensive compared to rivals. It wasn't really "budget" in the true sense of the word.
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