Microsoft Corporation Talks About Surface Phone

Microsoft Corporation Talks About Surface Phone
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Microsoft has been a company which has had an incredible year when it comes to 2015. The company has been very busy, right from the starting of the year. Microsoft Corporation faced good times as well as troubling issues over the years, and the company emerged quite strong in all the situations. The company has been coming out with some of the best changes in the world of technology, and their focus has especially been towards the hardware in the last quarter of the year. While most of the year, Microsoft was busy crafting the Windows 10 OS and releasing it smoothly, the final few months were dedicated to hardware. The Surface Phone has been around the rumor mills for several months now, and for the first time ever, the company has hinted about it.
While Microsoft is traditionally known to maintain a tight secret around most of their upcoming releases, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company this time around took a different route, as after months of speculation, a first hint has been given towards a ‘breakthrough’ device, which would be the ‘spiritual equivalent’ of a surface phone, as per an interview by Chris Capossela.

Chris was asked a number of questions on the latest episode of Windows Weekly, a podcast managed by Microsoft Corporation themselves. He commented there on the Windows 10 OS preparing a ‘base’ for the Windows Mobiles to take off. He said –
“The more we get a big install base for Windows 10, the better off our phone is… getting 110 million people to upgrade in the first 10 weeks… and in the New Year we’ll probably have more to share on the latest numbers… Just getting the install base to be really large is so critical to getting back to writing windows apps, and it’s really our best shot at phone apps… That is the strategy to getting our developers back in the fold.”
His earlier comments were quite an interesting development as the Surface Phone rumors have been fuelled once again, and Chris Capossela has teased the device for the first time. 
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