How to Fix iPhone Not Updating Battery Percentage Level

How to Fix iPhone Not Updating Battery Percentage Level
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#iPhone6S #iPhone6SPlusHow to Fix iPhone Not Updating Battery Percentage Level – If you own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and the battery percentage level does not update when charging or during normal use, there’s no need to worry because this is a known bug that Apple is already working on.
It appears that quite a lot of users have reported the same problem lately, and we ourselves have noticed it on one of the iPhone 6s units here at Softpedia, but in an advisory released recently, Apple says that it’s just a time zone bug and guarantees that a patch is on its way.

According to Apple, the problem occurs when you set the time zone manually or you change zones when travelling from one location to another, so you should let the device automatically retrieve the correct time and date. We’ve noticed that the battery percentage remains unchanged if you use the device for a longer period of time or when charging, in which case it takes a few minutes to refresh and show the correct charge level.
How to fix it
To do that, it all takes just a few taps. Go over to Settings > General > Date & Time and enable the option that reads “Set Automatically.” This appears to have fixed the problem in our case, and Apple says that it should work in most of the cases, but a patch is in development anyway, just in case something goes wrong.
Right now, there is no timing on when this patch could arrive, but it shouldn’t be too far away, given the fact that the company has recently released a new beta version of iOS. The problem, however, was initially spotted in September, when the first buyers received their new S models, but it appears that taking the devices to the Apple Store was the only solution available before this workaround went public. Source: softpedia
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