iPhone 7: to ship with iOS 10 – but what will the software do?

iPhone 7: to ship with iOS 10 – but what will the software do?
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#iPhone7 #iOS10iPhone 7: to ship with iOS 10 – but what will the software do? – When the iPhone 7 launches in September, customers will be treated to not just new hardware and features, but a brand new operating system, too. TechRadar says iOS 10 is going to be a “milestone software version” when we see it on iPhones and iPads towards the end of the year. But what new features are tipped to come on the upcoming operating system?

Siri could take voicemails
Siri tends to get improvements with every new version of Apple’s operating system, but iOS 10 could see the virtual PA getting considerably greater responsibilities. A report by Business Insider last year said Apple is trailing technology that will allow Siri to speak and interact with callers.
If the owner is busy or misses a call, Siri could listen to the caller and transcribe what is being said before the message is sent to the phone via iCloud, essentially turning voice messages into texts.
With the New York Times saying voicemail is fast becoming obsolete as a means of mobile communication, especially among younger people, ditching the process of finding the messages, listening to them and then having to delete them could bring it back as a viable option.
Siri could also use the same iCloud-based technology to tell certain callers where the owner of the phone is and why they cannot answer, if the owner so wishes.

Impossible to jailbreak
More of an interesting side note than a feature to get excited about is the rumor that iOS 10 will give iPhone jailbreakers headaches when it launches. New security system “Rootless” is said to stop even administrator-level users gaining access to the vital files hackers need in order to jailbreak a device.  Tech site Redmond Pie originally reported the rumour and says the technology could find its way onto iOS 9 and 10 devices soon.
HomeKit app
Macworld says an iOS-optimised version of HomeKit – Apple’s “internet of things” – could be making its way to iPhones and iPads shortly, most likely as one of the new pre-installed apps on iOS 10 devices. “This app would be a little like Health: a central hub that’s used to communicate with a wide variety of external devices and collate their data,” they say.
The app would mean users are able to remotely control devices and appliances at home.Knowing Apple, the interface will likely be simple and elegant to use and with the size of the iPhone’s user base, could introduce elements of connected-home technology to the masses.

See where contacts are and if they are available
Macworld also speaks of a patent filed by Apple showing a new feature enabling iPhone users to see at a glance if their contacts are available to communicate and even where they are.
The phone would detect the location of friends and display the operating status of the phone, such as if it is in silent mode, for example. They presume that much like the Find my Friends app, users could opt out from providing such information to other contacts.

Beta and release date
Apple typically introduces a new iOS version every June, with a release date the following autumn, says Macworld. In this instance, it is likely to be on the new iPhone 7 in September, though the website says they believe it could go public a few days before the iPhone 7 event. After the reveal in the summer, the software will be in the hands of developers in beta mode for some months, while a public beta may surface a month or two later. Source: theweek

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