Why Windows 10 Mobile could still be a sleeper hit

Why Windows 10 Mobile could still be a sleeper hit
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Windows 10 Mobile has lots of potential - but will it take off? And if so, when? James Martin/CNET
Last summer, Microsoft said it was 'changing strategy' with its mobile OS; instead of trying to sell phones to everyone, it was planning to concentrate on reaching fans with flagship devices and on reaching businesses with a secure phone that's good for productivity.

It's an open question whether Microsoft can manage that and the significant drop in phone sales revealed in the company's latest financial results has naturally led to questions about the future of Windows 10 Mobile.
It's certainly too early to say whether Windows 10 Mobile is going to appeal to business, with only one handset out that can support Continuum, and the FIDO standard (that will use the iris scanner on the new Lumias to log you in to enterprise applications and consumer services without needing passwords, even apps running on your PC or Mac) isn't finished yet.
In very many ways, Windows 10 is still a work in progress, with an annoying number of regressions (from issues with offline Maps navigation, to not being able to record audio in OneNote, to not being able to open some forwarded messages in Outlook, to problems with the swipe keyboard in third party apps, to not being able to sync open tabs between your phone and PC browser... to mention only the ones that particularly annoy me).

The immaturity of Windows 10 Mobile is a casualty of re-implementing the OS on yet another platform, and of the unpopularity of Windows 8.

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