Apple to Launch of OLED Display sooner than expected in iPhone?

Apple to Launch of OLED Display sooner than expected in iPhone?
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Apple Moves Up Launch of OLED iPhone to 2017?

Apple has moved up its timetable for the launch of an OLED iPhone to 2017, reports Nikkei. It's believed the company was previously targeting a 2018 launch.

Originally scheduled in the autumn of 2018 on the new models listed use, but iPhone sales stall, so Apple will plan ahead. Apple has from the beginning of the autumn 2017 notification was part of the model using an organic EL plan to each affiliate. In 2018, as a precondition to prepare emergency-related companies are forced to adjust the plan.

Apple is said to have contacted LG and Samsung back in December 2015 about moving up the timetable.

Notably, the new OLED display will reportedly be reserved for just some high-end models.

Advantages of the organic EL panel is the ratio of the LCD panel power, and can display bright colors. Because without backlight, may further reduce the thickness of the terminal, you can also realize the liquid crystal panel surface processing can not be achieved. Due to the limited initial supply, so the new iPhone scheduled planned autumn 2017 listed only some high-end models using organic EL.

The move to OLED for the iPhone appears to be imminent. Previous reports have estimated that Samsung will invest up to $7.5 billion in order to supply Apple with flexible OLED panels. Meanwhile, Japan Display and LG are also preparing OLED production lines.
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