Find Out The New Innovation From Microsoft Corporation

Find Out The New Innovation From Microsoft Corporation
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has finally integrated Skype with its cloud storage service, OneDrive and its Office Online services, in what can only be described as addressing a long-requested feature that was a no-brainer given the company’s push for mobile and cloud based services.

Skype, which was previously useable a separate entity that had to be run alongside these software services, is now finally being rolled out as an integrated platform that can be used alongside existing cloud software solutions from Microsoft. Office Online is part of Microsoft’s Office suite that offers parts of that user experience to users across the board of its desktop offerings.
It must also be pointed out that Skype support for Office Online essentially means that Microsoft is willing to indirectly support other cloud storage solutions as interoperability and inter-compatibility.
In its current iteration, Skype integration, though limited, allows users to complete all basic tasks such as in-program chat, setting up calls, distributing files to other skype users as well as using emoticons if the user wishes to do so.
The announcement of said functionality was made in late 2015 before it was finally unveiled this week as a software update rollout. This comes in soon after news emerged that Microsoft was considering an $8 billion takeover of Slack when CEO Satya Nadella and Founder Bill Gates convinced the board the money was better spent scaling Skype into a better business-centric application to meet existing corporate needs.
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