Google is testing self-promotion ads on search results

Google is testing self-promotion ads on search results
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Google is trying out a new functionality that enable local businesses, prominent figures, and organizations to post self-promoting info and ads on the search results fo the company. The info would be shown on a design that is the same with the “mobile cards” of Google.
This new kind of self-promoting campaigns whipped up by Google seems to be a part of “Google Podium”, a beta that unfurled a month ago with the help of the candidates that are vying for the U.S. presidency. It also appears that the Internet megalith is attempting to draw attract celebrities and popular brands.

The new functionality was first found by the search expert Mike Blumenthal, who discovered that Andrew Jewelers, an engagement ring store based in New York City, has already dished out self-promoting info on the Google’s search results, which are shareable but it can’t be liked or commented.
Google honchos have not validated the new functionalities just, which seemed to be free.  Industry experts state that Google is keen bolstering its social presence, so the company is anticipating that well-known individuals and businesses can provide the boost it needed with its aim.
A year ago, ad revenues of the company ballooned to close to $67.39 billion, this implies that, advertising benefits the company the most. And it would be sensible if Google begins pushing the new self-promoting service that is still has no name yet.

A representative from Google said, as quoted by Modern Readers on Sunday,  “This is an experimental search feature we are testing, but it is not tied to Google+. We are currently experimenting with presidential candidates and just started with some SMBs for a select pilot period.”
Google’s “experimental new podium” will focus on the U.S. presidential elections in real time.
 A month ago, Sundar Pichai has launched the same feature, which permits U.S. presidentiables to post info such as text, images and videos in real time on Google search results.
The Google’s press release stated that the candidates can opt for the data they want to post and it will be displayed quickly in the search results that are connected to them. In addition, posts can be shared on prominent social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
Google mentioned that the “experimental new podium” is only intended to the 2016 U.S. presidential bets, but it is willing to broaden its use among other “prominent figures and organizations”. Consequently, it has made a waitlist, in which people are asked to provide their emails and names.
Google is aware that presidential campaigns are in the limelight.
 Google News Lab’s Danielle Bowsers said in a statement that political search interest had risen 440% on average, during TV debates that are beamed live to the audiences, and people who utilize the Internet to learn more about candidates and their platforms ad campaign.
Besides providing live info from candidates, Google  has also updated “Google Trends” to give a “new insight about the candidates”. People can now be able to look for information about trending tags and rankings that are updated every 60 seconds, like for example looking for the most searched candidate during a debate.
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