Smart viewing and less expensive OLED

Smart viewing and less expensive OLED
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Smart viewing and less expensive OLED

After a strong showing at CES 2016, there is little doubt that OLED is poised to become the dominant format for tomorrow’s UHD TVs.
However, despite OLED’s ability to render images in striking detail, its adoption by the public has been slowed by higher price tags that have warded off all but the wealthiest consumers.
LG and other companies pushing OLED continue to invest heavily in R&D in the hopes of developing less expensive screens, and these efforts are yielding impressive results with OLED prices recently dipping below USD 2,000 for the first time.
The drop in prices and surge in 4K content is likely to lead to a boom in OLED popularity. However, bendable screen prototypes as well as OLED displays for monitors and mobile phones indicate that the format has the potential to shake up more than just the TV market.
Commenting on present TV trends, General Manager, Home Entertainment division, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Steve Ryu said: “We are fully committed to bringing next generation technologies to the Nigerian market,”
He stated further that, “The next-generation display technology and the advanced ultra-thin depth of 4.3mm come with a unique curved design which represents a new era in home entertainment. It must be seen to be believed.”
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