You Can Now Call Phones, Landlines And More Via Skype

You Can Now Call Phones, Landlines And More Via Skype
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Skype for web has added a plethora of updates to its platform.
The update brings tonnes of useful new features for the web-based application.

Users can now call mobile phones and landlines directly from Skype for Web just like they would using the app. Additionally, if someone posts a YouTube link in Skype for Web, the video will now instantly play in your browser, so you don't have to open a new window. You'll also have all the same volume and full-screen controls you would on YouTube.

Skype also added a feature letting users chat with non-Skype users via a “unique conversation URL” that will generate when someone presses a new “Share conversation” icon.

Finally, the company added notifications to the Web version, so you no longer miss IMs and calls. You'll receive these notifications as long as you're signed into Skype for Web, even if you're in another browser tab or another app.

Calling to landlines and mobile phones is perhaps the most significant new feature. If you’re familiar with how outbound domestic and international calling works on Skype’s smartphone and desktop apps, it won’t take much getting used to. You click on the new Call Phones tab, select your destination, and dial the number you wish to call. However, the call isn’t free, you will need Skype credit or a subscription.

To access Skype for Web, users can go to or and sign in and connect. Skype for Web, which is still in beta, alleviates the need to download the Skype app before conferencing and/or instant-messaging others.

The company stated in its blogpost that, Skype for Web is great whether you’re using a shared computer that doesn’t have Skype downloaded, or you just prefer using a web version instead of a downloaded app. “We’ve been listening to you to ensure we’re focused on bringing you the important features first.” it said.

The new feature started rolling out on Monday
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