21 of the funniest responses you'll get from Siri

21 of the funniest responses you'll get from Siri
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Apple's Siri voice assistant is one of the most widely available bots in the world. Most people with an iPhone can ask it questions with the push of a button, and over the years, Apple has used that data to improve Siri.
Still, there are definitely still some very common questions that Siri, on its own, wouldn't have the answer to.
Although Siri uses advanced machine learning to parse your questions, its artificial intelligence is not advanced enough to come up with clever responses to abstract questions. So Apple has clearly enlisted a few writers to come up with canned responses to common Siri queries.
Apple's not the only company to write specific responses for its bot. When Microsoft introduced its new chat bot Tay, it used comedy writers to make sure its dialogue sparkled.
But sometimes, the funniest answers from an AI assistant are the ones that nobody could have anticipated.
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