Samsung Is Working On a Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Is Working On a Foldable Smartphone
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We all are bored with the glass-bar form factor today’s devices deliver. We surely do miss the innovation back in the day, where the devices looked amazing. Be it the Nokia 7610, the legendary Nokia E90 communicator, or Sony Ericson W550i. These devices were known for their aesthetics as well as features, and we miss such innovation in today’s devices. Samsung is somewhat trying to reboot the trend of unique looking smartphones ‘with its Project Valley.’

As pointed out by ET news, Samsung is working on a 5-inch foldable smartphone, which when folded, would take the form factor of a 7-inch device. Samsung has just completed testing the foldable display, and is planning to mass produce it by the second half of this year.
The 7-inch OLED display can be folded into half just like a wallet, making the device a 5-incher. It is still in the testing phase and the launch is expected later this yesr.
It’s supposedly being tested in two main configurations, one with a Snapdragon 620 processor paired with 3GB of RAM and other with a Snapdragon 820, paired with 3GB of RAM.
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Source: ETNews
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