Volvo Cars Poole Tech celebrates 20 years

Volvo Cars Poole Tech celebrates 20 years
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Adrian Poore

Adrian Poore, Senior Technician at Volvo Cars Poole, celebrated 20 years’ service with the Volvo brand this month and was presented with a long service award at the dealership.
Adrian’s career kicked off at Page Volvo in 1996 where his love for the Scandinavian brand began. Over the next 20 years, with the Volvo franchise changing ownership locally, Adrian has remained loyal to the brand through to his current employment at Volvo Cars Poole.

So why stick with one brand for two decades?  Adrian says it’s all about the manufacture’s passion: “Volvo’s genuine passion for what they do filters down through to their dealerships. I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing the brand grow and have been able to grow with it. From way back working on the P1800, 140s, 340 CVTs to latest models such as the new XC90 T8, Hybrids and Polestar range why wouldn’t you stick with it?
“The biggest change I have witnessed is the technology. Seeing the first cassette player head unit to now watching a vehicle park itself.  The way the technology has progressed is phenomenal if not slightly scary! I am genuinely excited for all the new gizmos and gadgets Volvo has coming out. Add to that the new ownership of Volvo Cars Poole under Ocean Automotive and our all new premises and it is as good a time as ever to be working for the brand.”
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