4 Made-in-Nigeria Gifts for ‘Her’

4 Made-in-Nigeria Gifts for ‘Her’
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She is already used to gifts like designer bags, clothes and shoes, Brazilian hair and chocolates you buy for her whenever you travel locally or abroad. This has made you predictable as she can effortlessly guess what her next birthday package will be and soon, your gifts will mean nothing to her unless you try a different tack. Why not take a break from the norm and go the traditional way? Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal shares 4 of these Nigerian made gifts for the lady you love.

Ankara shoes/bags
Ankara made bags, shoes, bangles, and earrings are now popular as many Nigerians have begun to embrace their uniqueness. As a reflection of the entrepreneurial and creative abilities of young Nigerians, these beautiful and fashionable Ankara items are not difficult to find in Lagos. This is a gift that your significant other will definitely appreciate as you can buy bangles, shoes, and bags that match.
Adire fabric
Adire is processed in Nigeria. The handmade patterns on the fabric are beautiful, stylish, and traditional. It is not important whether your partner is a traditionalist or not for her to like. You can take it a step further by sewing it for her. Isn’t it love? Remember to get her measurement.
A portrait painting of her
Painting a portrait of your lover is not a big deal.  But very few people do it. Portrait painters are not difficult to find and are affordable. And it's special because whenever she stares at the portrait, she will always remember you with a smile. You can give it a try.
Solo weekend vacation to Calabar
Calabar is arguably Nigeria’s most prolific destination.  If you want to spark up your love life, just send her on an all expenses paid solo trip to this tourist haven! She will definitely relish the pass to indulge all alone.

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