4 Lies women are usually told about what men really want

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1. Men don’t want emotional women: Most people talk about how men run away run away when a woman gets emotional. That’s not really, a man just loves when a woman can communicate directly to him in the simplest way. They simply want to hear and understand you when you communicate without your tears getting in the way.

2. Men are intimidated funny and smart women: There’s a difference between being spiteful and goofy. Men appreciate when a woman can take or crack a joke and her emotions aren’t running wild in the process, it means they can have a good time with you without feeling intimidated.

3. Men love a ‘guy’s girl’: A guy may want a girl who constantly hung out with guys when they were in secondary school or university. But in later years, men will go out for a classy, elegant and confident woman for a real relationship.

4. Men will only go for what they can’t have: A man who is ready for commitment will stop chasing everything he sees in skirts and settle for a woman who doesn’t play games with him.
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