5 Types Of Shampoos Everyone Should Know About

5 Types Of Shampoos Everyone Should Know About
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The very first shampoos have appeared hundreds of years ago. For that time women didn’t have to define their hair type. But the times have changed and today the shelves in the shopping mall are full of shampoos of different types. So what are they and what is the specialty of every kind?
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#1 – Medicinal Shampoo
Medicinal shampoos are meant to cure hair and head skin diseases. Often they include dandruff, seborrhea, herpes, and others. Can be easily found in the drugstores or ordered online on Jiji. Depending on the shampoo type it can contain both natural and chemical components. There are also vitamins, herbs extracts, and other treatment elements. To choose the shampoo of this type it is required to consult with the doctor, which you can find on Jiji. Just find the trichologist’s contacts, call him/her and set up an appointment.

#2 – Dry Hair Shampoo
This shampoo type has moisturizing, nutritional elements in its compound. So the main task of these shampoos is to carefully clean the hair and fulfill them with moist as much as it’s possible. Such shampoos usually contain oils of different kind – peach, olive, coconut, and others. If your hair is dry, keep in mind that the level of PH should not exceed 3 in your shampoo.

#3 – Normal Hair Shampoo
The main task of the normal hair shampoo is to cleanse your hair from all dirt. It doesn’t contain any moisturizing or nutritional components. But at the same time, the amount and the compound of washing elements is selected in such a method that you won’t over dry your hair and won’t make it greasy.

#4 – Oil Hair Shampoo
The main problem of an oil hair is an increased greasiness. The hair quickly loses volume and look dirty. The oil hair shampoo should cleanse them well, take the fat remains away, and normalize the fat pathway. That’s why it contains lots of washing ingredients that are quite aggressive. Such shampoos are also restricted in the quantity of nutritional moisturizing elements.

#5 – Antidandruff Shampoo
One shouldn’t mix the special care shampoos and the curing ones from the drugstore. The shampoos that are being sold in the shops, are not able to fight dandruff all the time. Besides, they are not as efficient as are expected to be. The anti dandruff shampoos are quite harsh, that’s why it is not recommended to use them very often. Especially if your hair is dry and damaged. If the problem is not solved within 3 weeks, it is better to consult the doctor.
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