5 Ways to Cope with anxiety when you are phoneless

5 Ways to Cope with anxiety when you are phoneless
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Many people believe they can never survive a day without their phones. Why? Because they are addicted to their mobile devices. It may sound strange to you but have you ever thought that one day you may be phoneless and unable to do anything about it?

The truth is that they rely heavily on their phone that they cannot imagine a day without it. And because Jovago.com, Africa's No 1 Hotel booking portal knows that it may be difficult to cope without a valid means of communication, we share tips on how to help you prepare for a possible rainy day.
Disable the internet connection
Smartphones have steadily increased access to the internet. Now many people have real-time news feeds, easy connection with friends via instant messaging or social media as well as helpful problem-solving apps. These are part reasons why many people are attached to their phones. However, if you decide to disable your internet connection for a few hours in 24 hours, it will do you a lot of good when you are eventually phoneless.
Invest your time into doing other things
Your phone may be damaged or stolen and you may be planning on buying a new one. However, you do not have enough money to do this. In the meantime, you should invest your time into doing other things like reading a booking, learning a new language or organizing a focus group interaction. This will be a welcomed distraction!
Buy an ordinary phone
Ordinary phones can only make and receive calls as well as send text messages. This should be the type of phone you may want to buy next if you want to survive a day without a phone. With this phone, you will not spend a dime on data and there will be nothing like phone addiction.
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Visit friends you seen in a long time
We all leave in a virtual community made possible by social media. People rarely visit check on friends and families. This is one of the problems of technology, it has eroded the sense of community that many people once had especially the African continent. Perhaps, since you are without a phone, you should visit your a friend or family. They will definitely appreciate your visit! In fact, they will be shocked!
Accept that you are without a phone
Agreed, you are without your precious phone and you cannot do anything about it. Sorry. Perhaps, the first thing you should do is to accept that you are phoneless. With this acceptance, you should be fine. But if you do not, you will even borrow to buy a phone and this is unwise!
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