Facebook Technology Will Be Fun in Space

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A week ago, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook had a Live video Chat, with the 3 space explorers in Mars.
Such a large number of inquiry Which he asked, the space explorers in Mar, made me to understand such a variety of thing that is going ahead in his brain.He asked what type of Technology that will help people travel to mars? The Astronauts addressed that the space is phenomenal and the rocket is use to go to the Space. the space travelers display the case of the inquiry he asked, by playing and
permitting the microphone to glide on air.  he asked another smart inquiries, the inquiry is how do the space explorers Communicate with each other inside the space? the space explorers addressed they communicate in Russian and English extremely well and they ensure everyone is ready and synchronized.  the following inquiry from the gathering of people imprint asked was, do food taste diverse in Space? the space travelers addressed that the nourishment taste entirely distinctive however they Prefer spicey Food. the space travelers talked exceptionally well.  At  last Mark came up with another inquiry regarding the online networking, he said how do the space explorers use social networking? the space traveler replied, they share photos of the space situations,  Mark asked again what do the space explorers do to have a fabulous time in the space of zero grabidy? the space travelers addressed that they play with the drifting power following up on the space, the space travelers summer salt to demonstrate the way they have fun.  Mark Asked how do his Facebook innovation organization get the chance to space station operation? the space travelers replied  in space station they utilize cartilage innovation and virtual reality advances and it is mind blowing.  3 grams control is the potential for further operation.  The exploratory inquiry got the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to feel enticed.

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