More Revealing Story About Psquare Official Breakup

More Revealing Story About Psquare Official Breakup
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Reason behind the breakup among the two twin brothers paul (Rude Boy)
and peter (Mr P) formally in a collaborative stage name known as
(Psquare). Earier this year, the  breakup affected both families as a
circle which lead to separation as a result of self decisions between

the twin brothers. The breakup started immediately, after the twin
brother were married . Over 2300 fans says, that the breakup was
between the twin was a result of the newly married wives. People said
all sought of tis in the social media. Even the formal governor of
Anambra state Mr peter Obi was interested for peace to reign among
this twin brother (Psquare). Looking at the main reason, why the Devil
teared this family this successful startwins apart, and actualized a
recorded stigma to this family, this was as a result of the total
absence of the parents in the family. After the sudden death of their
father, the family were still in peace and of good unity, their
mother’s advices and words of encouragement to this twin brothers on
better decisions to make, especially in their marital lives. Few years
Ago, the mother was late. That was when the battle line was drawn, the
devil attacked the family and tear both apart that non of the brothers
could appreciate their efforts and fans more especially. The stage
name psquare of the best Nigeria music concept  since 2002 was just
discarded all of a sudden, by the twin brothers. The new names they
bare are their twtter handle usernames, which is not easily understood
by the old fans. The late parent, any where they are today, is never
happy about this shambles and chaos between the twin brothers.
To be very frank  the wives of the twin brothers are once an outsider,
they are not 30 percent responsible of this present breakup the
motherly care and advice   that has been guiding  paul and peter as
twins from childhood, kept them together before the mother’s death.
This doesn’t mean that this is the first and even second time this
brothers are having misunderstanding, this are roles good mothers
plays in every families.
 ‘Oh how will mama feel in his grave to see us apart, after all, we
passed through in life’
The role of a good parent in family is always keeping a strong bond
among each other in every hone. ‘Unity is strength’ (igwebuike)  one
tree doesn’t make a forest. When there is  teamwork and collaboration,
wonderful things can be achieved.

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