Propeller Ads Pays More than Adsense - Nigerian View

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Over the years, Adsense has been enjoying heaving bonus and hypes for being the highest paid ads, that got over their "head" and made them introduce lots of terms and conditions for being part of the polishers. Thank God for Propeller ads which has come to save you from poverty, especially we the Africans and Nigeria Precisely. quote me write Propeller Pays More than Adsense , The question is how?

Propeller Pays More than Adsense - Nigerian View

Reason why Propeller Ads Pays More than Adsense - Nigerian View

Adsense pays very low in Nigeria  or any other African countries, with your Page views of over 200k per month, you can barely make 30$- 50 dollars per month, which is very discouraging.

Bloggers who enjoys adsense are bloggers based in UK, US and Middle east, such countries has high CPC, which mean, with just 100k page views a month they can be cashing out upto 1500 dollars,

To make matters worst, to register a new adsense from Nigeria will take u like Ages , with many annoying reason ranging from, Insufficient content, Poor page views, Copy written content , Bla Bla bla. What that F is their business about my blog having copy written contents if am getting my views with it. Too Much laws, too much polices is beginning to Peise me off and dislike adsense.


Propeller ads Brings makes online life easy and financial brake through.

Propeller Ads is a tested program and has been in existence since 2011.

Better CPM rates – This is one of the reasons why my team recommended Propeller Ads.

No intrusion – My current banners and site design doesn’t get affected in any way. The use of pop-under and mobile formats means not much ad space is required.

Easy integration – I didn’t need to make any changes to my site’s layout. All I had to do is place a code and my reports started showing the results.

Very easy to Register and get approved on the go.

with my 15k Nigerian pages views , i made 60$ in just 3days , isn't that a wow. Were i can barely make 5$ on adsense.

If your blog has upto 10k visitors a day, you are quilified to use their Banna and make 5$ and more on daily bases. No clicks.

The Good news is Propeller ads can work along side adsense on the site.


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