How To Grow your bitcoin with ZarFund

How To Grow your bitcoin with ZarFund , start a bitcoin with 11,000 Niara
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ZarFund  Nigeria

Zarfund is a platform that has been created to grow your bitcoin with little or no effort, The interesting thing about Zarfund is that, your money which is in bitcoin is not kept on Zarfund site, which means you don"t have to be scared of the site crashing one day.

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What is BitCoin in A glance

Bitcoin is a E money, introduced to make transactions online. when Bitcoin was first introduced, it 1$=1Bitcoin, but currently bit coin has appreciated to 1$= 700$, currently it is the most valued currency in existence.

Bitcoin and Zarfund

If you are new to bitcoin business, Zarfund is a plat form you need to join, this will help you grow your bitcoin to a very high level.

Currently 1bitcoin = &700 USD and 700USD = 315,000 Naira at the time of this post using 1 USD = 450 Naira.

Benefits of Zarfund

Looking at the current cost of purchasing 1 bitcoin, its looks very big and capital intensive, but zarfund has made it easy that you cant buy some cents of bitcoin as low as 11,000 Naira, your 11,000 can grow to 315,000 in one month. yes it is posible.. all you to do is to start and register just two person with your referral links and you work is done.

Zarfund dose not in anyway hold anyones Bitcoin, it work like MMM, you pay your own bitcoin to your referral and The two people under you will pay their own bitcoin to you as their own referrer, like that you grow and increase your bitcoin.


Blockchain is a Highly secured website like paypal, it is like online banking website, it helps you to create your own wallet where you can keep and manage your bitcoin.
Before you can join Zarfund, You must open a blockchain account, link it to the zarfund account and start your investment.
Use the link below to register on blockchain website.

It is on this blockchain is where you receive your bitcoin, for your transactions., if you want to buy bitcoin, contact me on whats app +2348036963865, whats app online. no calls.

To join Zarfund, It only takes a simple steps,

Definition of zarfund in a glance

Zarfund is a secured platform where you grow you bit using donation method.

You can Click Here to join with my referral link or you will have to contact someone who is already a member of zarfund,The person will send you his referral links for you to follow and complete your registration.

Any query or guideline during registration, pls use the comment system below or chat me up on whats app.

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