Blackberry's market finally hits zero

Blackberry's market finally hits zero
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Following many struggles by the once powerful company, they just finally hits zero.

BlackBerry sold 200,000 of its own phones last year, but that might as well have been zero.

The onetime leader in smartphones sales made up zero percent — or 0.0482 percent — of global smartphone purchases in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Business Insider spotted the stat in research from the firm Gartner tracking smartphone sales.

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In the last three months of 2016, BlackBerry sold 207,900 of its own devices running its own operating system.

That number becomes zero when factored into the 432 million smartphones sold during that time period.

During the tail end of 2016, customers bought 352.7 million phones running the Android operating system and 77 million on iOS.

BlackBerry made some other sales — handsets that use Android, for example.

But the last 200,000 BlackBerries sold in 2016 barely even register as a drop in the global smartphone bucket.

The reign of the BlackBerry was already over, but now it's really, really over.

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