13 Questions Samsung Users Ask Before Buying The Smart Phone

13 Questions Samsung Users Ask Before Buying The Smart
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13 Questions Samsung Users Ask Before Buying The Smart Phone

A Research which gist360 carried out has shown that greater number of Samsung User has common questions they ask before they buy a Samsung smart phone. Most of the questions come due to the poor device released by the company and some come out of ignorance and wish features found in iPhone products. 

Never the less, we will try to attend to all the question and give answers to them, To show some appreciation don't forget to subscribe to gist360 by Email or follow or social media accounts.

QUESTION NO.1: Do Samsung phones have a flashlight?

The light they say is life and the usefulness of mobile phone flashlights has increased more than just to make a photograph look good and bright. During the days of Nokia Java and Symbian phone, Nokia conquered African market with flash lights which they included as one of their essential features to mobile phones shipped to African users.

Samsung smartphones come with flash light which was only designed just to snap pictures, but APK developers have seen how essential the use of light has grown and gone ahead to program apps which you can use to turn your Flash light into a steady shining touch light as long as you wish. 

Technology has grown and the Giants in Mobile phone producing companies have adopted the feature of including a switch where you can turn on your flash lights without going throw the stress of downloading an app for it and Samsung is not left out on this.

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 and above come with the features of where you can turn on the light.(See how to turn flash on here). There are many new Samsung phones which come with this feature, before your purchase a new Samsung endeavor to ask the Shop if the one you want to comes with this feature or you can just go straight to play store and download an app for it.

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Do Samsung phones blow up

QUESTION NO.2: Do Samsung phones blow up?

The question does Samsung phones blow up came as a result of the ugly experience Samsung user experience in 2016 of continuous reports of Samsung phone blowing up when you try to charge. 
This explosion was traced down to Factory problem for Samsung Galaxy Note S7. 

Reports according to wired have it that" Samsung disclosed its lengthy findings as to what caused the device's batteries to overheat and catch fire. Based on the company's own investigation and independent scientific analysis of the issues by three consulting bodies, the overheating was caused by separate problems in batteries sourced from two different suppliers."

To the extent cell phone battery saga, this one was stuffed with turns, turns, and after that a ton of hush. In September, weeks after the Note 7 launch, Samsung issued an underlying review of 2.5 million gadgets after a few telephones experienced overheating issues. When the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a formal nationwide recall two weeks after the fact, about 100 risky battery occurrences had been accounted for in the United States.

In conclusion, Samsung Phone does not blow up again as the company has completely taken care of the situation and the first user of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has returned the faulty phone to the company and it was replaced with a new one with a nonexplosive seal on its battery.

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QUESTION NO3: Do Samsung phones come with headphones?

Head phones are one of the most essential accessories for mobile phones whose demand has rapidly gone high in recent days. People tend to believe that companies like Samsung are known for quality and they demand the company to include headphones as one of the readily available accessories of their product.

Previously, Samsung phones pack do not come with headphone, users are expected to buy headphone as a separate accessory. Many unboxing videos on Youtube has shown that the new Samsung phones eg. Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ comes with head phones. for more detail, you can watch the Unboxing video below.

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Do Samsung phones have facetime

QUESTION NO.4: Do Samsung phones have facetime?

Facetime is a feature particular to iPhones just as BBM is for Blackberry before it moved to Android.  iPhone user since 2010 is no doubt already familiar with Facetime. Face time is like video chat in built-in app. for only iPhone users.

The in-built Apple feature allows users to chat with friends while seeing them on video with the help of front-facing camera on their phones or devices. 

The app uses VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol ), Facetime does not use minutes on carriers plan and so provides an affordable and fun alternative to a call to a friend or long distance phone calls with a lover.

In conclusion, Samsung phones do not have facetime, but there are many android apps which can serve the same purpose as facetime. Whats App, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber are alternative to facetime for android phone. See more apps on geek.

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Question No.4: Do Samsung Phones Have Read Receipts?

Without a critical look at these question, you may start thing if people are going crazy or they just want to ask questions, At first look, you think what the question means is, if Samsung phones come with a retail receipts, but it's not, it actually means something that will notify users that a text message has been read by the recipient.  

Unfortunately, although you see it baked into iPhones and iPads and Macs (one of the things I DO like about iDevices, actually), iMessage is NOT a standard messaging protocol. It's Apple's proprietary tech very much like BBM back in the day with BlackBerries before they made it available to other platforms. iMessage is, in fact, an extra app for iDevices. The only problem is, it's only available for Apple products, so it can't be used on other platforms. SMS does not support real time notifications (there are read receipts, but those are also optional and not in real time).

That being said, to achieve what you want you to need the other party to install a 3rd party app, period. Read Receipts and Typing notifications are all offered by Facebook's Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, Whatsapp, among others. Most, just like iMessage, give you the option NOT to send the read receipts (yes, your iFriend can choose to show whether the message has been read or not).

The simple answer is NO, Samsung does not come have read receipts. In Samsung Galaxy S6 you can turn on SMS Delivery notification on. see how to here.

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Question No.5: Do Samsung Phones have sim cards?

The question came as a miss understanding between user and Samsung products. In USA Due to many wireless networks which are readily available at your disposal, Samsung has moved ahead to build phones which do not use Sim cards. the phone can only use wireless wifi to connect to the internet or use a built-in carrier network in it say Verizon, AT&T etc.

There are various types of sim cards you can come across, all these sim cards are provided by the carrier or network provided you wish to use. they come in the form of Micro Sim, Macro sim, and normal standard Sim card.

In conclusion, depending on what you want and the purpose of purchasing your Samsung phone, you have two type of phones to chose from, Sim card enabled phones or Non-sim card enabled phone by Samsung.

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QUESTION NO.6: Do Samsung Phones have Siri?

Siri is a virtual assistant or secretary found only on Apple iPhones, it assists you to operate your phone when you are feeling too lazy to punch your phone, you can just speak to Siri and your phone will carry out the instruction and operate your phone for you. Siri is a smart inbuilt apple software which takes away your boredom and engages the iPhone user in a conversation.

As Samsung has fallen behind its competitors in the race for voice as the next platform, it has worked quickly to try and catch up. Foxnew reported that Samsung is positioning Bixby different than Apple's Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa in that it can learn and adapt to the needs of its users.
In conclusion, Samsung does not have Siri but the new Samsung Galaxy S8 come with a virtual assistant that works just like iPhone Siri called Bixby. if you don't have Samsung Galaxy S8, don't worry, you can download this Siri alternative for Android HERE.

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QUESTION NO.7: Do Samsung Phones Use MicroUSB?

Yes Samsung phones uses Micro USB, Shoneel Kolhatkar, Samsung company's Senior Director of Product Marketing has outlined surprising reasons why it made the decision to keep the product to continue using Micro USB in stead of the new technology trend of USB C cable, the reason which relatively put on the customers not being ready to welcome the new USB C yet. You can read the complete report HERE.

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QUESTION NO.8: Which Samsung phone to buy?

These question number 8 will be answered by the phone reviewer and you.  The choice of phone relative lies in the user wants. for every time, each phone has been produced for specific features which left for the users to decided what they want from the phone before they can make their choice.

In choosing a new Samsung phone to buy, it is advised to choose from the recent products in the market. below is a list of phones we can advise you to buy in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 from $930 Galaxy S8 $575Samsung Galaxy S8+$675,  Samsung Galaxy S8 Active $850Galaxy J7 $220, Samsung Galaxy J3 $150. Or you can compare prices on ebay or Amazone or Aliexpress.

You may want to buy A Samsung phone installment using a finance plan (you will have to read our on finance place here), or you can choose from the different carrier or network providers.  

QUESTION NO.9: How Much Are Samsung phones?

This question is best answered by my previous post How to finance your iPhone, the same step applies to Samsung, you can read the post and also visit Samsung and other retail shop outlets to compare prices.

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QUESTION N0.10: Latest Samsung Phones and prices?

You can see a list of latest Samsung phone and their prices respectively here, Average Samsung latest Phone prices range from $950 to $150 you can see question number 8 and no9 above.

QUESTION NO.11: Is Samsung phones android?

This is completely a lay man's question, Is Samsung a phones android? "Samsung Galaxy devices have traditionally used the Android operating system produced by Google, usually with a custom user interface called TouchWiz/Samsung Experience.Wiki Pedia.
All new Samsung phones Are Android phones, which means it uses Andriod Operating system.

QUESTION NO.12: Are Samsung Phones Good?

When it comes to Andriod phones, Samsung is the best company the offer highly rated smartphone with lots of virtual intelligence. They are also the phone that is directly matching Apple Iphones and bringing the competition between android phone and iPhone alive.

QUESTION NO.13: Where Are Samsung Phones Made?

Samsung Electronics is currently manufacturing 50 percent of its mobile phones in Vietnam and only 8 percent in Korea.
At present, Samsung Electronics is running six mobile phone manufacturing facilities in the six countries of Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Korea. The two plants in Vietnam have a combined annual production capacity of 240 million units. Samsung Electronics is planning to expand the plants at an investment of US$3 billion, and their capacity is expected to reach 270 million units at the end of this year.

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