New Action Games For The Samsung Gear VR apps and experiences

New Action Games For The Samsung Gear VR 2017,New Action Games For The Samsung Gear VR apps and experiences
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The Gear VR is basically built for virtual reality games. Both in Google play store and Samsung Gear store, you can appreciate the VR games and experience.

There are huge amounts of awesome games and encounters accessible on Samsung Gear VR. Finding an incredible game inside the Oculus store can be difficult though, and that is the reason we're here for you. We've gathered the most elite, and given you the points of interest on everyone. This implies you won't need to go looking for incredible games, since because you'll already have the details.

Keep reading to see what's new below.


Dreadhalls GEAR VR

If you love horror games, Then Dreadhalls should be on VR Screen now. You wake up in a faintly lit prison without any weapons and only a little lamp that lights up the room. You'll need to discover out of the cell utilizing only your minds to get away from the creature hiding in the corridors.

Dreadhalls is an atmospheric horror game that will have you jumping as you peer around every corner. The prison is procedurally produced so you'll never observe precisely the same twice. The best part is that it's very affordable, at $4.99 for the full diversion.

Eve: Gunjack

Eve: Gunjack GEAR VR

With regards to shooting pirates in space, at that point, you never need to look any more than Eve: Gunjack. Your lone work in this game is to shoot everything that moves, and it makes things fun and challenging. There are a lot of levels to keep you involves and it's very simple to fall into for a considerable length of time at once.

Eve: Gunjack is a quick paced, space shooting, arcade game that will keep you on the edge of the road. You can get it on the Oculus store now for $9.99 now.

Keep talking and nobody explodes

Keep talking and nobody explodes gear vr

A standout amongst other parts of VR is having the capacity to play it with friends. That is the place Keep talking and no one detonates comes in. One individual wears a Gear VR and it gave a bomb. To defuse it, they'll require a map from their friends who have the manual to defuse bombs.

The game makes for some amusing difficulties, and the bomb is procedurally produced so you won't be diffusing a similar thing each time. It is a tiny bit pricier at $14.99 however completely justified regardless of the sticker price. You can get it now on the Oculus Store.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Raving success is an incredibly fun amusement that has one genuine objective, to crush completely everything in your way. The game will consequently drive you through the world, and you'll begin with a solitary ball that can be hurled at the glass boards. It begins genuinely simple however you'll soon be moving quicker, and required to hit an ever increasing number of boards keeping in mind the end goal to open the following region.

This is a game that is easy but to get, and huge amounts of fun to play. It's lovely, and furthermore, incorporates a soundtrack that can without much of a stretch drag you into the game. Outstanding amongst other advantages is that you can get it up for only $2.99 on the Oculus Store.

VR Karts: Sprint

VR Karts: Sprint

Because you're playing in VR, doesn't imply that you need to play without anyone else's input. VR Karts: Sprint brings a wonderfully fun kart racing game to Gear VR, and gives you a chance to play against AI or human rivals. There are a few diverse play modes, an assortment of tracks, and catalysts that you can get keeping in mind the end goal to throw different racers off track.

It's a truly fun game, and it conveys a type to VR that numerous gamers will recollect affectionately. Regardless of whether you're racing against the AI, or you're endeavoring to put your friend in the dust, Kart racing game is an incredible approach to let out some pent up frustration. It's one heck of a deal at just $5.99.

Wrath of Loki

Wrath of Loki

If per chance you have been looking for a hidden object game with a fascinating story line, at that point you may simply be in luck. Wrath of Loki combines hidden object aspects, with condition based riddles that are altogether painted flawlessly. Between the soundtrack, story, and mechanics it's very easy to get pulled in.

While the gameplay itself is fun and at times hard to make sense of, the genuine superstar here is the environment. Everything is hand painted and the hues will get you by the eyes, while the music places you in the mindset to stop Loki before he figures out how to wreak ruin over the world. Accessible for only $2.99 on the Oculus Store.

Smashing the Battle

Smashing the Battle

Have you been jonesing for a decent hack and slice adventure that joins goliath mechs, torques for weapons, and deadly robots, at that point Smashing the Battle may simply be the game you've been sitting tight for. This hack and cut enterprise diversion gives you a chance to pick between two distinctive female characters, both of whom are heavily clad up and prepared to cut through the robots who have denounced any kind of authority.

Crushing the Battle is a huge amount of fun. With various play styles for each of the characters, you can discover the gameplay that suits you best. There are likewise a lot of powerups to get amid each level, which will enable you to out in an assortment of ways. With a smooth comic roused look, and with an objective overwhelming condition, this game will effectively gobble up hours of your chance for no particular reason and addictive gameplay. The best part is that it's accessible for just $3.99

Dark Days

Dark Days

Gear VR makes it simple for you to venture into new and startling encounters with only a couple of minutes. Dim Days involves a dreadful vibe that has the best of type top choices like the X-Files and Twin Peaks, while putting you first individual to all the activity going ahead in this summary motel. Between an atmosphere that'll have your skin crawling, something tailing you, and a lot of riddles to involve you, this game ought to be on your rundown to strive without a doubt.

Dark Days is busy's center an escape the room game, yet there is alot more going on. You'll need to solve puzzles, associate with the others at the motel smack amidst the betray, and attempt to survive whatever beastie is sneaking around in the dimness on the off chance that you need to survive the night in one piece.



Everyone cherishes some great spaceship fights, and the majority of us are likewise in for a fascinating thought on technique recreations, in spite of the fact that having the blend in VR is new. Skylight gives you control over a whole armada of spaceships where you'll have to charge them to take out the adversary's armada. You access an assortment of boats all of which have their own advantages and disservices to consider, influencing each move you to make the most of towards triumph.

You can get a free version of Skylight for nothing, which incorporates 8 out of the 12 dispatch sorts, and 10 out of the 30 battle missions. You can open these for $4.99 inside the game, alongside some other amazing highlights. These incorporate the capacity to play with companions in multiplayer or make your own particular mission in Skirmish mode. As a turn based game, you'll have to thoroughly consider each move you make, in the event that you need your armada to rise successfully toward the finish of this fight!


Hitman Go downsized the stealthy assassination series for mobile but, shockingly, it demonstrates an ideal fit for VR, as well. 

The center idea hasn't changed here: each hit appears as a puzzle on a game board, testing you to locate the most ideal path through dangers and around risks to finish the stage. 

Given the game's perfect faux-plastic look, in VR it truly feels like you're playing on a physical surface with minor smaller than expected dolls. Contract killer Go was at that point awesome, and the move to VR influences inconspicuous, to shrewd changes that delicately upgrade the experience. In case we're fortunate, successor Lara Croft Go will make the VR jump whenever now. 

Cost: £7.99


Netflix in VR? That is correct, Netflix in VR. No, unfortunately, not the greater part of the services horde movies and TV demonstrates are mysteriously changed into ultra-immersive, 360-degree wander. Truth be told, beside a Stranger Things encounter aced for VR, Netflix has next to no VR-enhanced substance. So what's the point? 

For reasons unknown watching films on a phony level screen in a virtual review room is somewhat awesome, and here you'll peruse your line and absorb Netflix's best in the midst of a comfortable cushion with ace stylistic theme. Flying on a headset is a shockingly pleasant approach to inundate yourself in whatever you're viewing, and some substance truly profits by the in-your-confront approach. 

Value: Free (Subscription required)


The Gear VR may do not have the great EVE Valkyrie from different headsets, yet End Space is the following best thing. It's a profound space dogfighter that discovers you directing your spaceship in straight on shootouts against the stars. 

The activity is serious – and possibly bewildering; be watchful out there! – and the sceneries are excellent, making this one of the genuine exhibit titles for Samsung's headset. You may be amazed that your cell phone can even contain an affair like this. 


Gunjack is basically the younger brother to EVE Valkyrie from higher-end headsets, with a disentangled arcade spaceship-impacting outline. It experiences somewhat the examination, however spend a couple of minutes impacting adversary spaceships and you'll unquestionably think that its truly engaging. 

It's a truly direct arcade shooter: you'll glance around to point the cursor and shoot the influxes of zippy enemies that zoom into see. Gunjack's levels get logically harder, however, hurling in more procedure and test en route, and it looks extraordinary for portable VR. Albeit direct, it's fairly fun. 


On the off chance that you haven't played a zombie shooter in VR, have you even played VR by any means? Gratefully, Drop Dead makes it addictively simple to get shooting, with its hope to-point submersion and activity stuffed gameplay. 

The green undead coming at your face may be altogether cartoonish, however, that doesn't stop Drop Dead serving up what's coming to it's of alarms, also a battle framework that makes exactness fun. Who doesn't love cutting off zombie body parts? 

Cost: £7.99

What's your favorite?

With so many excellent games available on Gear VR, it can be just a bit pesky to find the ones you really want to play. The games we've talked about here are some of the best of the best, but they're certainly not the only great games. Did we talk about your favorite games? Is there an excellent addition we ought to take a look at? Be sure to leave us a comment about it below!
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