Wow Features Of iPhone X (iPhone 10)

The amazing features of iphon x that made it most expensive phone, wow features of iPhone X (iPhone 10),
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Wow Features Of iPhone X (iPhone 10)

The days of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus leaks, rumors, and speculation is officially over, Apple officially unveiled whats they have been cooking for months, and the new smartphones are amazing and they worth waiting for.

Apple's trio release of new iPhones was officially announced on the 12th September 2017, at the company's new Cupertino, Calif., campus: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (pronounced "ten"). All three smartphones have similar features such as running iOS 11 and wireless charging.

Apple took their time to explain the distinctive features of iPhone X (iPhone 10), which made it different from every other iPhones and Smartphone which have ever existed and of cause made it the Most Expensive Mobile Phone on earth As at this time.

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The Wow Features Of iPhone X (iPhone 10) That made it the most expensive phone on earth.

Beautiful To Look:

This one of the features of the new iPhone X as pointed out by the company, The device is very beautiful to look at. The curve glossy looks make it look so lovely and sexy to behold.


The new iPhone 10 comes with a very slim body and flat body. the body size has been said to almost half of the normal size of iPhone 7. Is this not a features that will make you say wow.

Glass Front And Back:

The Apple New iPhone x comes with a strong body glass coating, which covers the front and back of the smartphone. It uses the same Super form formulae as iPhone 8. The feel of the glass body makes it incredible to hold.

Body Made of surgical steel: 

The body of the new device is made of surgical steel which means it can never rust, and It is adorable and beautifully finished.

iphone x  Dust And Water Resistance

Dust And Water Resistance:

Even at a microscopic level, It is engineered to be water and dust resistance. In the sense that not even an atom of water or dust can penetrate into the device.


The all new iPhone X comes in two beautiful color finishes, bird spray, and silver color.

Retina display:

 It has an all new display which is called super retina display, Talkin about the retina display; 5.8 inches on the diagonal,2436 x 1125  resolution, that is over 2.5million pixel resolution, 458 pixels density and this is the highest density in pixel density in iPhone ever.

OLED Technology:

This the first OLED technology grade enough to be an iPhone.

NO HOME Button: 

The iPhone X did not come with a HOME button which makes it sound creepy but awesome when you see the complete features: when you want to go to the HOME screen, you simply have to slide from down to up, just like blackberry 10 series. The thing also works for multi tasking, assuming you have several apps running at the same time, and you wish to access them at any point in time, you will simply Slide the iPhone screen from down to the half way screen, then you can scroll side by side to see your app.

Face ID:

iPhone X has no Home button which gave it a different look from the normal conventional iPhones which has been previously released. Due to the lack of home button which was supposed to be the finger lock button, iPhone introduced a face recognition technology with reorganizes your face by just looking the phone screen. Is that not amazing?

True Dept camera system: 

To make face ID possible, this took the most advanced technology Apple have ever created, which was embedded at the top of the display. At it is made up of steady radioactive technology. Up the display, there is an infra red technology, Flood illuminator, front camera and a dot projector, and that's not all, there is also a proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker and micro phone all packed at the tiny black surface at the top of the screen of the iPhone X.

iphone x Animoji


This is the best it all, Animoji is an animated Emojis, Is an emoji you control with your face, It tracks more than 50 facial muscle movement, it is created to create and amazing expressiveness,  An emoji that can truly express your exact feeling, looks at your face behave same way your face is and even voice out the exact statement you made. You can pick from a dozen of emojis to express what ever you want to express with your family and friends.

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Features Sumary:

Display resolution: 5.8 inches, 2336 x 1125pixels

Pixel Density: 458ppi

Dimension (inches): 5.65x2.79x0.30 inches

Weight (Ounces, Grams):  6.14 oz (174 grams)

Mobile software: iOS 11

Camera Dual: 12-megapixel

Front-facing camera: 7-megapixel

Video capture: 4k

Processor : A11 Bionic chip, M11 motion coprocessor

Storage : 64GB, 256GB


Battery: 21 hours of talk time on wireless; 12 hours of internet use; 13 hours of video playback on wireless; 60 hours of audio playback on wireless

Connector: Lightning

Special features: Face ID; wireless charging; splash, water, and dust resistance

Price off-contract (USD) : Starts at $999

Price (GBP): Starts at £999

Price (AUD): Starts at AU$1,579

You can watch the introduction video from the below:

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