Can Android Phone Work Without a SIM Card?

Can Android Phone Work Without a SIM Card?, what you can do with an Android smartphone that doesn’t have a SIM card.
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Can Android Phone Work Without a SIM Card?

Can Android Phone Work Without a SIM Card? is a question which we have touched a little on our previous post titled "Do android phones have sim card", (If you missed, read here).

One frequently occurring question that we receive all the time is regardless of whether an Android smartphone will work without a SIM card.

This lame questions can occur maybe because your carrier or network provider, be it At&T, Verizon, Sprint and the host of them has started miss behaving, the cost of maintaining or using the network is becoming high and you start wondering if there is any use your phone can be to you with the SIM card. The simple answer is "Yes, Andriod or Samsung phones can work or function without SIM cards."

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How to Use Your Phones Without SIM card

Basically, SIM Cards are just the small chip your network provider gives to you to insert into your phone, it communicates with the network host by sending and receiving signals to enable you, the user to carry out some basic activities like to Make a call to your loved ones, browse the internet and lots more.

What Could Make a phone to stop using SIM Card

Personal decision: One can just decide to stop using a sim card on his or her phone for some personal reasons like, When you avoiding some certain calls from your client, siblings or friend, you may not want to switch of the completely, you can just decide to take off the sim and still make use of  your phone for some other things.

Damaged sim card slot: For some reason, your sim card slot happened to get spoilt or damaged, your phone will no longer accept the sim card, you will simply remove the sim and continue using your phone without a sim.

Damaged sim card: If you are the type who removes the sim from its phone regularly, mistakenly you have scratched off the gold chip on the sim and the sim stops receiving network from the carrier. you will be left with no option than to go to the carrier to replace it or continue using your phone without sim card.

Old Phones: If a phones get too old, it might start malfunctioning, and probably stop recognizing sim cards, all you will do is to take it to a repairer or throw away the sim and continue using the phone without sim card.

What are the things I can do with a phone without sim card

You can do virtually everything you can do with it right now, without paying a carrier anything or using a SIM card. All you need is Wi-Fi (internet access), a few different apps, and a device to use.

Stuff you can do with your phone without internet include

You can use your calculator to solve a few maths with internet
You can play you previously downloaded games on your phone
You play music from your music player
watch videos stored in your MC

Stuff you can do with your phone over the Wi-Fi

With Wi-Fi, You can enjoy everything you used to do with your phone when you had sim card on it.
You can make voice and video calls using your whats apps, Google Hangout, and lots of no sim apps.

wi fi apps


Sim Cards or network carriers are less important to a phone that has access to wifi,

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